WATCH: WILD Police Chase In California (FNN)

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  1. It's a shame you have to mute the sound on these car chase videos because of all of the nonsense talk by the announcers. Tell us what is happening and then shut the hell up. There is no need for you to talk non stop.

  2. I think these narrators are so typical. They always are so shocked that the drivers are not following stop signs and lights? Seriously? They are running from the cops! What do you expect?

  3. After two months of hearing you talk about all these guns that these, criminals as you refure to them have, when are we going to see all these guns an wepons you are talking about? Only once when the CHP pulled their guns an started shooting at your parked criminal you cut that out so fast that I had no time to reach for my popcorn! Not only did you cut it off, but you had nothing more to report, why was that so important to you??????

  4. If you had taken a course to improve you kind of reporting ln "Anger Magement" you would know exactly what is going on inside the mind of the Driver an why he or she that has no future act like that.

  5. 7:38 – Wow…I wish my neighborhood had those purple flowering trees in it. Also, as a viewer I advise muting the audio of the clueless voiceover and listening to your favorite playlist as you watch. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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