We Wasted TOO MUCH on Mystery Tech…

One day we’re finally going to cancel Mystery Tech.
Mystery Tech Went TOO FAR 💀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpMmmzao7Xc
Sega Genesis Mini on Amazon: https://austin.tech/genesismini
This ridiculously expensive toaster on Amazon: https://austin.tech/toaster
The MovieMask: https://moviemask.io/products/moviemask-premium
I couldn’t find a link to the anime headphones or the “GameSphere” but let’s be real that’s ok.

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  1. The radio made me feel so fucking old, I got my first cd player when I was 5 and I loved it, it was an older spongebob radio, I still have it, I'm almost 19 years old and to hear that cd technology is old school now give me shivers down my spine


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