What are the 10 Worst Exotic Cars to Buy for the Money?

I want to teach you how to buy your first exotic car in the next 90 days WITHOUT being rich. Click here to learn how: https://bit.ly/2KcgEZA.

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  1. I’m from the video when he introduced the tips for buying exotics. However indeed the old Porsche Baxter is really bad, not only the shape, the speed, and the really ugly steering wheel. In conclusion is that maybe he’s not such a great talker in this video, and sounds retarded from a non car guy, he is actually giving the right advices.

  2. So all the exotic car cars you mention are bad, so just get your self a Toyota 4 runner they run for a long time. A corolla will out last those cars by price and repair bills.

  3. I just recently came across your Journal and I've been listening to a few of your videos I've been car flipping for at least three years now in your concept is interesting to me however I'm a huge fan of Rolls-Royce Phantom's and you mentioned in this video to avoid buying them could you be more specific please because I Really want to own want a phantom what are their problems? and what year should I avoid? I particularly really like the new body style that first came out in 04 and is currently still running right now I appreciate your elaboration on the subject for I am now shopping phantoms saw your reply would be greatly appreciated

  4. Not everyone can afford an high end car. I can see from some of the cars you said. They may be cheap but will cost you an arm and a leg to repair. I get that. The Porsche Boxter (screams I couldn't afford a 911). The new Boxters are going for $70-80k. How is that poor? The Lotus'. A Lotus is a Lotus. It's maybe not what you'd like but someone else will. They have Toyota engines which are very affordable to maintain. You gave the worst car advise anyone can ever hear. Why even listen to your advise? You cursing every sentence tells me you're a little uneducated to give actual advise that's legit. It totally diminishes what your point you are laying across because you're trying to be funny. It's not.

  5. u hit all those cars on the nose!!! all these haters on here who never owned anything over 10k but give dislikes toward a guy who's telling u exactly how it is and who has owned more exotic then most these nerds, idk why people come to dislike when u can just go look at the reviews on each car he mentioned and see if they are shit or not…

  6. Lotus are awesome cars and cheap to repair. This dude is drunk. Yes they do not command the price of a Ferrari, and do not million horsepower, but they are reliable, some of the best handlings car in the world and retain their value and are rare.

  7. Soo much biased people here, he's clearly talking about reselling the car. He has a point also, you guys just like to cherry pick and then call out on his bullshit. Probably don't even see the whole video, or other videos..

  8. Boxters are only "bad" if you've owned or driven a 911 because you can't compare. The 911 is a dream compared to the boxter, known as, "the poor mans porsche." But it's not a bad car, if it's what you can afford and want to have some fun go for it.


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