What Is Snowboard Jibbing?


You hear us at Snowboard Addiction use the term “Jibbing” quite a lot; Jib Training Board, improve your jibbing, how to jib on a snowboard etc. etc. But what exactly is jibbing and how do you do it with a snowboard?

Check out this tutorial to find out and get the number one snowboard jibbing tip.

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Comment (3)

  1. Hey Nev,
    I've been snowboarding for 2-3 years now and just making that progress to becoming intermediate rider…
    Last few sessions I've been trying to get myself into riding on boxes and rails but concentrating more on buttering (I think they look awesome!). With all this, I decided to get a new board, it's Burton Name-dropper 2017 in 151 cm.

    I was wondering if you could comment whether I have got the right board (mainly for buttering) and also if it's the right size for me. I'm 165 CM tall 72 KG in weight.

    Thx Nev!!


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