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  1. JFK was cloned in case of an accident so his clone could be president if anything ever happened to avoid mass panic. the clone was kept in area 51, but grew resentful of JFK. on 11/22/63, the clone escaped, kidnapped JFK, and took his place with a plan to start a nuclear war with russia. in the motorcade, the clone was assassinated by CIA sniper lee harvey oswald. JFK was rescued from area 51, but since the country saw him die, he could not go back to being president. he underwent an experimental de-aging procedure and became elijah wood.

  2. Conspiracy theories are not complete theories, but hold some truth in them & ppl believing them are pictured as crazy, when really they could just be onto something others don't want the public to know..

    Keep the public in the dark about what's truly happening behind the scenes

  3. The US government doesn't need to keep fuel economy on vehicles low to sell more fuel. They just sell fuel with less power in it, so you have to use more.
    Example: e10 is what most gas today is called, it is gasoline with 10% ethanol. Using this vs regular gas will give you roughly 4% less mpg.
    Here's the kicker. e85 has 85% ethanol and 20% less energy than regular gas. It's marketed as better to use and costs more, generally. So you are spending more money on something that has less benefits to use. (And is actually terrible for the environment)

  4. That the Clintons and others organized Jeffrey Epsteins "suicide", RIGHT before he was reportedly about to dole out information he had on others involved in a massive pedophile ring. And the subsequent body of Epstein not actually being his. Honestly anything involving the Clintons automatically becomes shady to my eyes. They can't be trusted.

  5. As a native mancunian I agree with the Manchester serial killer . Some parts of the canal are too well protected for people to just fall in . Some people have been thrown in the canal but survived. The north has had some scary fuckers in the past . E.g shipman, Yorkshire ripper and Moor murderers .

  6. "Collective mind theory"
    "Tons of evidence to support this"
    Coincidences and speculation are hardly evidence. People aren't really as unique and special as they like to believe. Our DNA and thought patterns are pretty similar. It's not a far stretch that groups of people could figure out how to make crude tools from what the had around them. Also, the wheel argument has a glaring flaw. Native Americans didn't have them. They used these crude wooden frames that were pulled by dogs and later, horses.

  7. dozens of people saying they heard a grassy knoll shot doesn't mean anything because there were a lot more people who didn't, and many people ran to the knoll when they heard the shot.

  8. Issue with the shooting and terrorist attack one is, if you bring up doubt on the realism your called a bad person or worse, some of the shootings in the US are to well timed and have some things odd.

  9. Ok the censoring for these are getting out of control. Gun, murder, kill/killer, assured (because of the word ass in it) all censored. This on top of porn, swears like fuck and shit, and rape. Seriously they are just words.

  10. Though I haven't heard the theory anywhere or watch enough news to build any kind of case but I've been thinking about all these mass shootings in the US lately. What if all these shooters are in cahoots in some way, doing as much damage as they can to get the people to force the government to enforce better laws on gun control? Or maybe they were sent by the government to get the people to want a law they are already planning.

    I dunno, it just seems like waaay too many mass shootings all of a sudden, maybe there's something going on.

  11. The Clintons having people killed and staging it as a suicide. A number of people who were in their way or opposed them in general have "committed suicide" at ridiculously convenient times.

  12. I firmly believe the denver airport one. Ive been through that airport a million times and i always get the creeps. The artwork is absolutely disturbing, the horse statue out front "bluecifer" killed his creator, and the subway tunnels have these weird fan things on the wall that have no true purpose except that they look like spinning blades when you pass by. Not to mention all the long black tunnels that you never go through but always see.

  13. I just love how these bots see "Too Long;Didn't Read" abbreviated and say T-L-Doctor but when someone actually does write Dr. in front of a real MS's name, it finally pronounces it as D-R instead!


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