What The Eye In Every Conspiracy Theory Actually Means

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  1. This video is awful. Absolutely downright awful…There is far more to this topic and this video didn't even scratch the surface. In fact, it used absurd theories in order to dismiss very legitimate and serious topics. It was naive at best, and deceptive at worse.

  2. "Watched over by God"

    Which God are you taking about? I know it's not MY God you're referring to! These people think I'm stupid! One-eye symbolism is real, guys. Very real. It'll take an idiot not to see the MOCKERY.

  3. That is the all seeing eye of Satan…..America is the second beast who will give its power to the first beast the Vatican = The Pope who claims to be God on earth he is the anti christ

  4. I mean why they're doing this for which reason, to grow the evilness in this world! ! To control humanity and the whole earth! ! Like for real! !
    They are humans like us the difference between us and them is they think evilly, to have everything in this earth , the power and whatever.
    I mean why! !! We all humans, we all are here in this earth for a reason , why don't we all live happy with love and helping each other without any of this, why! !! This is the most stupid thing I've ever heard and see, they think they'll have everything and they know the future before its happening, this is all studies and whatever, they studied everything, they planned for everything. But they didn't think about everything has an end, God above them all . We all human , we are distructured by another human work .. everything has an end. .. how we gonna face God in the judgement day .
    I ask myself who are we and why we are here, and I know everything is happening for a reason ..
    This world that we living in is crazy out of control! !!
    They using symbols to presents their evil work I mean why , this is all stupidity! !!!!!
    They wanna control the humans to be one evil earth! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I mean for real i ask God why we're here, this is a crazy world. The evil wanna have every human with him in hell but nawww !!!!!!!!
    We're not gonna make this happened,
    We all are a child of God, he will save us , if we followed him .
    Let's remember how we were before the media , the technology, the TV and the illuminati thing and all these stuff, like for real,
    How the world will be, how everyone will treat each other, just imagine!!!!
    Great right

  5. My grandpa told me about this movie called "13 steps" its about Illuminati, aka about one club of rich people that were using blackmail, murders and illusion to manipulate people. Anybody who mentioned 13 steps would disappear, or would just commit a suicide. " " I was soo interested in that movie and I wanted to wach it but every evidence of that movie was destroyed. I searched the whole internet but my grandpa and a couple elders knew what I'm talking about.

  6. Really is just a symbol nothing else and also in the movies and music everything that you see about the eye and the number 13 they're only symbols and the government doesn't keep secrets from us Yeah Ok well then my Dad hi gave me birth the world is flat my mom was the first lady to step on the Moon and Santa Claus is real his my cousin..

  7. God is not in human form, God doesn't have eyes, God is illusion and hoax. This video doesn't make sense. The symbol is a secrets so you need to belong to the cult elite to able to decode the meaning

  8. This video is made of to many assumptions..way to many. Its as if they are trying to tell everyone whats going on and they can't do that since they would be equally as clueless.

  9. This is not the truth everyone knows. There's only one God and stop hiding the truth cause no one will believe everyone no God is above and he don't have one eye it's for the devil stop working for him and turn to Jesus before its to late


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