Examples of when boxing referees either acted too soon, or not soon enough, to protect the fighters in the ring. What you will see will astonish you!!!

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  1. you know what this video makes me want to do it make me want to a take all of these reffs and let them see how it feels to be punched over and over In the face without anyone stopping the person punching to see how it feels to be a bad reffs and how important it is to stop a fight from getting deadly

  2. Some of these "stopped too early" fights you have to remember that the rope a dope was made to tire out your opponent by taking alot if shots. Obviously you want to miss them but to the untrained eye you would think the ref isn't doing their job but I would say 60 percent of these are legit

  3. Boxers dont give a fuck what happens to them or their opponents. Why should the refs give a fuck either. The fight should never be stopped early or have to go to the judges. Do your job, try and kill the other guy. Simple…


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