Wild leopard hunting – BBC wildlife

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  1. true… i like them even more than jaguars. Jaguars are stronger fighters, but leopard is more styly cat, and need better hunting techniques, as it needs to compete about food more than jaguars.

  2. It’s cool to watch animals be animals, but we must watch the Animal in ourselves. Mankind must rise above dog-eat-dog society that we have built. Only the ultimate truth can do that for us. Seek the truth of life and death. Google ‘truth contest’ click the 1st link and read “The Present.”

  3. Leopards are my favorite cat! For some reason lions are my least favorite.. They make beautiful pictures, but when I think "African lion" I picture this fat, lazy lion laying in the shade with her pride and flies buzzing around them

  4. Tiger is not at the top. Tigers have everything in their parameter(food is abundant), so they dont hunt much like lions. makin them pussy cats but lions are very aggresive from the cradle.and have more pride. full grown adult male will be tough to beat, he wears his status on his mane.

  5. @MisterCovek You really cant say "Fuck the lions" .The lion has inteligence to but it just dosnt have qood skill climbing trees. Also a lion has a pride so it is stupid to hunt for your self we you have someone that could help you. Yeah they can hunt a antelope by there self but look 2 male lions can hunt a buffalo unlike 2 male leopards

  6. @DJSexLeopard Lions are like dogs. they are pack animals even if they're cats!
    Tigers, Jaguars almost other cats live solitudinous lives..that's why i find lions the least attractive cats…


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