The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. This documentary is MBC’s HDTV special on the last remaining …

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  1. After watching so many videos i find it hard to see how many times the lionesses lose their food to hyena but even more disturbing to the male lions. The word "King" is totally unearned, he's just a lazy, backstabbing, stealing childkiller and in no way, shape or form does he deserve the title. There is only one real "King" and in this case it is a QUEEN!!!

  2. They are all beautifull in their own way but if you think about it they are quite stupid also. After so many years they still didn't learn to work together and find out it would all be so much easier!!! Of course it wouldn't be this exiting but still, it would be fair and all predators could live in peace together.

  3. lions are a beautiful animal, the lioness look out for the cubs up to 3 years old, teaching them to hunt for there food before there father chases them out of the pride unit.
    the mothers always stay within the pride and do not normally leave same as there daughters,
    the male lions on the other hand come and go, leaders of a pride one day may lose there pride the next day to younger stronger lions more of them to take there pride over.
    unfortunately they will kill the cubs up to 2 years old the older ones normally make a run for it.
    this in turn brings the females into season and then the whole process starts once again .. more cubs born and hopefully these males can stay for a while to protect the pride


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