Wildlife Rescue Experts Save Animals with Dawn

Wildlife rescue experts use Dawn dish soap for more than cleaning dishes. They use Dawn to save animals. In this demonstration, you’ll see how gentle Dawn is …

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  1. Dawn dish soap company abuses baby ducks. No oil used but it's still animal abuse. What moron came up with this idea? I'll never buy their product again. Should have just use file footage from the old Exxon Valdez spill.

  2. might want to send a squeeze bottle of dawn to south dakota where an oil leak of monumental proportions has occurred adjacent to the Sand Lake Nation Wildlife Refuge, a wetlands of international importance and a Globally Important Bird Area, currently home to millions upon millions of ducks migrating south.

  3. so how is exposing these animals to chemicals that cause respiratory distress and skin irritations saving them? plus when you test on animals hundreds of thousands of them saving lives? bunch of liars and I refuse to let you poison my family with your horrible products.

  4. Sees Desc ooh maybe they're a good company that doesn't intend to use products to try and lure customers to think they're good people.
    sees video disclaimer Great, they drenched a duck in corn syrup to try and "save" it.


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