Wildlife SOS Online – Episode 7

In this episode of Wildlife SOS it’s very good news for the injured slow worm which has recovered well from its surgery and ready to be released. It’s also time to …

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  1. i had an orthodontic device that forced my jaw to grow a bit faster because it was a bit short and slightly crooked
    if it hadnt been put in when i was young i would potentially have had invasive jaw surgery as an adult instead of a few years of showing people the weird thing in my mouth
    its odd to think of the cygnet getting a vaguely similar procedure done to correct whats in essence the same problem
    the device was called a β€œherbst appliance” google at your own risk they images are a bit weird

  2. I’d worry about Lucy. She seems to get to attached and upset over cases from these videos. In my time in the veterinary field those types of people were the ones that were likely to hurt themselves.

  3. Once me and my friends were walking down the street near my house. We heard little chirping noises and we went to investigate. We saw a little bluebird on the ground. My friends were not going to touch it so i did. I went it and showed my mom. We took kare of it but the next day we found it dead. Me and my mom cried and gave it a little spot in my back garden. At night i hear little chirping noises. They are so faint and sounded so much like the little bluebird. I like to think the spirit of the bird roams my house. In a cute way. Not creepy

  4. I believe that what they are doing is the right thing, but if they allow animals that have genetic deformities, to continue to breed, it will be more likely, for newer generations, to also contain those deformities. That's if it wasn't the parents' fault that deformed the baby physically.

  5. Wow it's amazing to see how dedicated they are to save the cygnet,, most people would have just put it to sleep, but you did everything they could for the cygnet. All you guys are amazing xx


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