Wildlife team rescues baby elephant from dying in a well

Video- Wildlife team rescues a baby elephant from dying in a well Read the full article: …

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  1. Thank you SL wild life personnel n villagers for rescuing this sweeeet baby from the jaws of death
    The back things floating rnt elephants but debris / logs
    They were taking him to the animal hospital as they fear it would have mud in its throat n for a routine checkup They would definitely give it milk as l heard them saying so n then scour the jungle for its mother The title says an elephant never forgets a good deed done toit So l believe the mama n baby would have shown them gratitude This means mama n baby woud have been reunited God Bless msama baby n its rescuers n all those who wish them well Cute baby isnt he!!

  2. This is the 4th video I've seen that has a baby elephant fell into a well in India or Sri Lanka. WTF India/Sri Lanka, stop making crappy wells. If that was a human todler fell in there when the parents is not around , within no more than 2 minutes that baby is dead.

  3. Why are so many baby elephants getting trapped in these wells. I understand these wells are needed. Surely they can make a pathway or elevated steps down into these wells for them to go in and get out. Thank you ALL for rescuing these beautiful animals. Bless you. (They should try put branches into the soil so these babies can get some kind of grip in the ground as it is steep.)

  4. What is with these giant holes??? Instead of putting the rope around it's neck they should have wrapped under it's belly. This was a VERY young baby! Poor thing. It was half drowned. I read the article that said there were hunters near by. With all of those people they should have scared them away! Then found it's Mom! It says they took it to an orphanage. For how long? Where is it now? Is it enslaved like the others??? This is big money, from tourists.

  5. Videos are a great way to showcase the work and achievements of an organisation. An update to a rescue, birth of a calf, medical assistance etc helps to add context to a video. It's a good way to win the hearts and mind of your audience since you have chosen to show it in a social media group. One would not send one's child/children to XXX nursery, school etc without an update on one child/children's progress, has your child ate all his lunch, is he making friends etc. Just saying.


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