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  1. I am campaigning for the black Jaguar, Sarah, that attacked 5 people in one year to go to a sanctuary. She has recently had a baby cub that was immediately removed from her and put in the nursery for public viewing, as well as handled for news media stories. Sarah's campaign page: http://bit.ly/SarahJagFB
    Her petition: http://bit.ly/SarahJagPetition
    This zoo is BAD! They breed like a farm and take babies away to earn money in their barren baby nurseries! It is cruel. and the zoo blocks people from their page for asking questions or raising awareness about why these babies have been forcibly removed from mothers!

  2. i honestly have a question. if you have a hard time remembering how to care for different animals, should you then just stick to the one you had when you were a kid and know most about? for me that is cat. but i feel like i am honestly more of a dog person because they seem more social. and then i just am not sure if i am strong enough to walk with strong dogs. or if different small dog breeds , how big space they would need. and i have heard many times that you have to have cages and small spaces where the dog can walk without destroying things, but i really really don't feel like having it in only a little space of a house. i would want it to walk freely and i'm not sure if it will destroy everything if i am at job for example

  3. i want a parrot so bad. honestly i want any animal. but i never feel like i know enough about them and how i can help them live best ;( it is honestly sad. i wouldn't say i want it all to be perfect. but i just really want to be an expert but then when i try to find information i forget and i learn slow. but eventually i know i will understand how to care for different animals , but i definitly need more time then the average person to remember and truely understand how the animal is thinking and reasons for that

  4. Wow just Wow 😣 this guy has No Clue and should Never be in charge of any animal 😒 if he thinks enrichment is putting an egg carton in the parrots cage to keep them active/occupied
    he's an idiot. I don't know much about birds cause I've never had one as a pet,but even I know this guy is full of 💩

  5. My question is:
    Does Mickey Olson know what he's doing and A) doesn't care, B) knows what he's doing and does care, but doesn't have the guts to admit it, or C), doesn't know what he's doing.

  6. I have been to this "zoo" multiple times and this "zoo" is the saddest most depressing place for animal lovers and just the casual observers. My friends and family that have gone to this place with and without me all comment how stressed, depressed, neglected and basically abused the animals look. And these comments are all unprovoked and is simply just their description of their experiences I actually refuse to go back there and haven't been back for years.

  7. OMG! I live in Phoenix and have gone to that Zoo a number of times when I was younger! But the last time I went which was like 2-3 years ago and I had the same reaction!!! It's almost like a guy had a farm then just decided to buy a bunch of exotic animals and make a "zoo". All of the big cats display behavior that suggest they are extremely stressed out and depressed, pacing back and forth in a small path over and over. The bird's look all tattered and sad. Even the group I was with (most of who aren't really big animal people) left feeling sad for all of the animals and knew that something was not right there.

  8. owning many birds from owls to ducks,finches,parakeets ,canary chickens,quails and guineas ( MOST stupid ) and yes there is always a bird brain (retard) in every 40 or 50 animal on the farm there is 1 out of 50 …..dog,cat, ,cow, goat, . if left to mother nature they die fast. ps i like your show thks

  9. This zoo needs to be shut down! My mum and I are an parakeets Avery keepers and we always always always provide at least 15-16 toys in their Avery! We keep 12 birds, we think of it as having 1 toy per bird plus a fue extra! As well as that we keep a indoor and out door Avery connected by a wide tunnel, we keep a medium sized bird bath in there with clean water changed every day, we also keep multiple other enrichment for them. They are very friendly and interactive as well as sweet, this zoo makes me so angry and sad over how they keep their birds.


  11. This a hugely one-sided report. You spent a few hrs at the zoo and you know everything that is going on. You want to truly enrich any animal? DO NOT CAPTURE IT. DO NOT TEACH IT TRICKS.

  12. If you think that is bad, visit and research Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, Arizona. I used to work there and have seen some interesting things. I’ve also dealt with a plunking parrot when I was there, and a change in social dynamics, nutrition, and enrichment did fix the issue, so I can agree with those experts on that.

  13. Husbandry can have some differences and controversal topics but ignoring basic needs is different. I loved hearing you tell him off. Even if your passionate, its hard to be bold and confronting to someone so i give you mad props on that!!

  14. This video was gut wrenching if this is how the birds and alpacas/llamas are kept I can’t imagine how the rest of there animals are also kept. I think this video was very well put together and planned out and I hope it works to bring about some change at this Zoo. Maybe a new owner would be a good decision to start that change. I can only hope. I didn’t expect any less from u Meghan and I knew u would put ur all into this video. More reasons why I love you and what u stand for. I signed the petition also. Fingers crossed we can bring about some change!

  15. I feel so bad for all the animals that has ever lived there. And You for witnessing that. But if you didn't, then nothing probably would have changed. I hope he changes his ways of animal care. Or never runs a zoo again.

  16. I watched the whole video… thank you so much for making this and spreading awareness! This man needs to step down from his position so someone who actually cares about the animals can be in charge. I wish all the best for the animals in this zoo and hope major changes are made asap


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