Zendaya Shows One of Her and Zac Efron's Trapeze Fails for The Greatest Showman

Zendaya walks Jimmy through how she built up upper body strength – and trust – to do trapeze with Zac Efron for The Greatest Showman and shows footage of …

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  1. Lisa Philpot
    The thing is…that circus first date JK thinks is a great idea ….Gillys are notoriously unwelcome by circus folk. You better make sure youre in good with them before you try.
    Gilly= first gen joined the circus have no experience and is just started/joined to the end of their life. Not a Gilly is third gen and on i beleive, second gen are 50/50. Depends on them and how theyre accepted.

  2. i love her so much I'm glad my auntie introduced me to her and i watch K.C Under Cover i still rematch the seasons and episodes she's really cool and funny i was so excited i went to one of her concerts was the best moment of my life!


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